About us

For The Record were established 2015 from a group of friends involved in a local amateur dramatics company (Sodbury Players).  From the first time we met as a band to jam that first song, the result was an incredible and unique sound which drove us on to try more, and different genres.  Our music is suitable for clients of any age for parties, clubs, weddings & corporate events and we strive to service an extensive repertoire of songs that we would like to hear at OUR event to get people dancing all night long.

The band consists of two married couples Lucy & Paul (vocals & keys) and Kate & Callum (vocals & bass), Rich (guitar) and  Jay (drums).  As much as we love to put on a fun and professional performance, we LOVE that friendship is the core of our band.  Any musician will tell you that chemistry has been known to make or break bands - we're very lucky to have to the formula just right.

So without  further ado, let us introduce ourselves...!

Kate Webb

Kate's love of singing primarily comes from a musical theatre background and a young obsession with Doris Day! She studied Musical Theatre at college and has starred in many musicals, plays & pantos since. She also got through to the final 200 auditionees for the voice in 2013!

Kate is known for her belting leads and effortless melodies that are sure to wow the crowd. She is also partial to sneaking the tambourine on stage if the mood takes!

Outside of the band Kate works for St Peter's Hospice, is part of the local am-dram group and a 1940's trio - The Dixie Belles. She is also mummy to her's & Callum's daughter, Nora.



Lucy Cragg

Lucy's passion for performing arts developed from a very young age, inspired by Disney! She attended dance school, where she moved up the ranks from dancer, to teacher, to choreographer. After 6 years she turned her interests to the show band and enjoyed performing many styles of music on stage.

One of Lucy's contribution to the band is developing the very close harmony lines that have become a characteristic of our sound.  She is also always keen to embrace songs that are a little bit more 'outside the box'.

Outside of the band Lucy is a deputy manager of a children's nursery, a youth leader for the local am-dram group and of course mummy to her 's & Paul's daughter, Maisie. 


Paul Cragg

Paul has played classical piano since his hands were big enough. He graduated with a Music Technology degree and during this time he became interested in sound texturing.

His live performances uses multi-instrumental layering, mixing sounds & effects to create a unique sound to be as true to the original song as possible. A passionate performer and tech-geek, his other roles within the band include backing vocals (sometimes even taking the lead!) and mixing the sound for front of house.

Outside of music, Paul works as an Estate Agent in the family run business and enjoys motorbikes, water skiing and DIY.  Paul's daughter Maisie also likes to keep him busy after a long week of work and weekend of gigging!


Rich Lawrence

Rich has been playing guitar since being a teenager.  His favourite band is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and


Callum Webb

Callum started learning the bass when he was 12 but didn't like it at the time.  He moved to piano, then guitar but finally returned to the bass full time after playing in originals bands in his late teens and early 20s.  As an ex guitar player, he can often be found drooling over guitars with Rich.

Callum's role in the band is often nicknamed 'Musical Director' due to being such a perfectionist.  Bass playing is the perfect blend of melody and rhythm, so he needs to sit under Rich & Paul for the melody and lock in with Jay for the rhythm, a task he enjoys greatly.

Outside of the band Callum is Manager for a kitchen and bathroom company and enjoys playing in the local am-dram panto once a year. He spends every other minute with his & Kate's daughter, Nora.


Jay Sinclair

Jay has loved the drums since a young age but didn't take up playing until he was 14. He's into all types of music but whilst learning to play he was heavily influences by the rock scene.  His favourite drummers include John Bonham, Roger Taylor and Tony Royster Jr. 

Jay's role in the band is often to be the wise voice of reason when making band decisions.  It's important that the groove and feel for each song is just right to get the crowd dancing, something that Jay takes great pride in.

Outside of the band Jay works as a painter & decorator, enjoys woodwork (making some pretty cool wine racks!) and dabbling on the acoustic guitar.